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Swimming with Music

Swimming with music

Swimming is one of the best exercises one can do if he wants to look great and improve his health. In particular, it is recommended for those suffering from back pain, as it trains the lower body muscles. Unlike jogging, there is no worrying about the impact with the ground damaging the knees.
One substantial downside to swimming is that it can be rather dull to do laps for an entire hour. Even if there is music playing near the pool, you will hardly hear it. 10 years ago, there was nothing to be done about it, but humanity advanced greatly since those times, and now you can hear your favorite music or audiobooks while swimming, thanks to waterproof mp3 players.
There are several possible alternatives, and I will review some of them in this article.

Freestyle 2GB Waterproof MP3 Player.

The Freestyle waterproof mp3 player comes with waterproof headphones, so you should not buy them separately. It holds 2GB of data, which is not much, but will be more than enough for several visits to the swimming pool - to load songs to the player, you can use Windows Media Player. You charge it through a USB connection, and it should last about 15 hours. On it's back, there is a clip to be attached to the swimming goggles on the back of your head.
The device is small and sturdy, so in addition to swimming you can also use it for other sport activities. The buttons are covered with rubber and are completly waterproof. It's greatest disadvantage is the user interface. Switching between songs can be very daunting, as the button are completely unintuitive. For some basic functions (like going into a folder you just chose) you must hold the button for a few seconds. Therefore, it is used best when either you do not care which songs on the player you are hearing, or if you load a playlist or an audiobook and will not try to change it during the swim. Also, some reviewers commented that water found a way into a device - which can be frustrating as the device is intended for swimming.
Price: $67.20 on Amazon
Conclusion: Unless it breaks down, does the job well. Not the best product in the category, but the price is good.

H20 Audio Waterproof Housing for iPod and H2O Audio H3 Waterproof Headphones

H2O produces many different waterproof accessories, here I will discuss some of it's more popular products, the iPod casing and the headphones. To listen to music while you swim you will need to have your own iPod of the types supported, a H2O housing for it, and H2O waterproof headphones (other headphones will not be waterproof). Some reviewers seem to find the headphones quite uncomfortable and the quality as poor - if you can try them before buying perhaps it is a good idea
Price: $114.43 for both housing and headphones on Amazon
Conclusion: If you already have a suitable iPod, H2O can be a good choice.

Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 Player

The aquabeat is very small and lightweight compared to other players described here, and this is an obvious advantage. It is also designed specifically for using in the pool, and made by a large recognized company, so I would not expect technical failures when used underwater. The small size of course has its disadvantages. The player holds only 1 GB of data, and there are only two buttons making it hard to choose what you want to listen too. It is unclear how the audio files are sorted, and therefore if you are listening to a book the chapters might get mixed up (one customer sugested merging all the chapters into one large file). There is no display, which makes choosing a song to hear even harder. The player comes in three colors: yellow, black and pink.
Price: $139.99 on Amazon (currently the pink sells for $5 less for some reason).
Conclusion: Great choice if you listen to music (not audiobooks) and can afford the price.

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